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Testimonials from writers

It can be a hard thing to “show your work” as an editor, especially when you are privileged enough to work with some of the best writers. But here are a few unsolicited testimonials from some of them about my work. There is only one @megancarpentier and she was the PERFECT editor for me and … Continue reading Testimonials from writers

Why All These Angry Women? (Esquire)

Some men say that things aren’t that bad for women anymore. I am not sure whether to laugh or scream. Because the fact that things are better doesn’t mean the scales have tipped in our favor.

Ohioans face down fracking and a lack of environmental oversight (Raw Story)

“Industry likes to say, ‘We’ve been doing this for years, it’s not new technology, trust us, we know what we’re doing,’” said Brad Kelley, a professor in the Science and Technology Studies Department at Virginia Tech. “But that doesn’t mean the regulation or the oversight is really there.”