As-Told-To OpEds (NBC News)

While working at NBC News, I developed a series called “As Told To,” in which I interviewed newsmakers and celebrities and, with some light editing and their review, turned those interviews into bylined OpEds for the site (with appropriate audience disclosures).

A full list of these OpEds can be found below, in chronological order:

  1. Mika Brzezinski: Firing Harvey Weinstein does not get his company off the hook
  2. Nancy Pelosi: Trump’s policies are violent to America and the world
  3. Jane Goodall: Giving up hope won’t save the planet. Ending poverty might.
  4. Gloria Allred: Sexual harassers be warned: Women aren’t taking it anymore
  5. Kristin Davis: Why haven’t Americans paid attention to the Rohingya refugee crisis?
  6. Naomi Judd: My depression kept me inert for two years. My family’s help got me through.
  7. Shawna McClure: The Thomas Fire forced me from my home. This is what it’s like to evacuate.
  8. Michael Wolff: Donald Trump couldn’t stop my book’s release. It should frighten us that he tried.
  9. David Schwimmer: Sexual harassment needs to end, so my daughter doesn’t go through what my mother did
  10. Dr. Jonathan Gruber: How can companies disrupt the American health care system in a meaningful way?
  11. Dan Schachner: Refereeing the Puppy Bowl isn’t just the best job. It’s a chance to help so many dogs.
  12. Danica McKellar: I want girls to learn math and science — and their own self-worth — despite stereotypes
  13. Common: Why black art matters: How Showtime’s ‘The Chi’ humanizes black lives
  14. Anna Deavere Smith: The school-to-prison pipeline punishes black and brown kids for being young and poor
  15. Ilyasah Al Shabazz: My mother, Dr. Betty Shabazz, taught me every child deserves to know they’re worthy
  16. Marlon Wayans: I see racism and prejudice spreading every day. I want my comedy to help combat that.
  17. Keala Settle: I don’t always love what I see in the mirror. But I refuse to be tortured by inadequacy.
  18. Padma Lakshmi: Ending the silence around endometriosis is key to helping women find treatment options
  19. Bill Murray: The Parkland kids remind me of the students who helped end the Vietnam War
  20. LeVar Burton: America has sold its soul to special interests, and the Parkland students know it
  21. Rosie Perez: We have to do the right thing and fund the arts in our kids’ schools
  22. John Corbett: Hollywood makes lots of movies about God more heavy-handed than any faith-based movie
  23. Nigella Lawson: Sharing a meal with loved ones is more important than what you eat
  24. Susan Lucci: You can’t do your job just to win awards — even if you lose the award you want 18 times
  25. Joe Manganiello: Dungeons & Dragons isn’t a weird game for nerds. It’s a creative outlet for people like me.
  26. Neil Heslin: Alex Jones has profited off the lies he told about me. He needs to face the consequences.
  27. Jay Chandrasekhar: The racist origins of marijuana laws still affect how they are enforced today
  28. Franklin Graham: My father, Billy Graham, avoided scandal by being transparent — and never alone with women
  29. Mika Brzezinski: Growing up I thought a woman’s life peaked at 40. Now 51, I’m so glad I was wrong.
  30. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: My family believed in the ideals of American democracy. Donald Trump’s policies discredit them.
  31. Charlie Carver: I felt real pressure as a young actor to ‘butch up’ to get roles. Living my truth gives me more power.
  32. Michael Ian Black: It’s OK to be sad, and it’s OK to let other people be sad, too. Even a boy. Even your child.
  33. Mika Brzezinski: Rudy Giuliani’s Stormy Daniels insults expose the misogyny women face, especially from Trump’s White House
  34. Pamela Anderson: Apps like Uber and Lyft sell a dream that can easily become a nightmare for drivers and riders
  35. Melissa Gilbert: Finally allowing myself to age naturally was one of the best decisions I ever made
  36. Fran Drescher: When cancer is in the ‘whisper’ stage, listen to it — even it means finding another doctor
  37. Lance Bass: LGBT pride is an necessary part of the resistance to this political era of hatred
  38. Omar Epps: The fatherly bond is so unique that we can’t let stereotypes come between us and our kids
  39. Debbie Gibson: Live your life facing forward, instead of looking back at your past
  40. Jamie Lee Curtis: Parents, put down your cellphones. Your kids are watching.
  41. Gwen Carr: My son Eric Garner’s death was my political awakening. Don’t wait for a tragedy to have your own.
  42. Alison Arngrim: Playing Nellie Oleson on ‘Little House’ taught me why you should ignore bullies and focus on your friends
  43. Gary Busey: What my cocaine overdose taught me about life, freedom and being your own best friend
  44. Corey Feldman: Every child who was sexually abused should be able to get the justice that was denied to me
  45. Taraji P. Henson: Black communities aren’t getting the mental health care they need. I’m helping to break the silence.
  46. Lorena Bobbitt Gallo: As a domestic violence victim, my story became a joke. I’m speaking out now to encourage others to get help.
  47. Jeffrey Wright: Incarcerated people have a lot to teach us about preventing crime and violence. I listened, and you can, too.
  48. Amber Tamblyn: Time’s Up isn’t about punishing any one case of harassment, but what we can do to fix the system
  49. Christian Siriano: ‘Project Runway’s’ Season 17 is more inclusive because the fashion industry is (finally) evolving
  50. Lizzo: Self-care has to be rooted in self-preservation, not just mimosas and spa days
  51. Eddie Izzard: Brexit is a return to the 1930s politics of fear. But Britain needs to face the future with bravery and curiosity.
  52. Audra McDonald: Every homeless child is more than a statistic. Our treatment of them matters.
  53. Gwen Carr: Daniel Pantaleo killed my son Eric Garner nearly five years ago. And we’re still waiting for any justice.
  54. Guy Fieri: Call it a barbecue, grilling or a cookout — but use charcoal and don’t forget the veggies
  55. Al Roker: Spend summers like you barbecue ribs: Low, slow and with no shortcuts
  56. Al Roker: Climate change is not ignorable. It’s time to stop debating what is staring us all in our faces.
  57. Jamie Lee Curtis: Voting for women is more than gender politics. It’s opting to create real change.
  58. Alan Cumming: The racism behind anti-immigration rhetoric is palpable to every immigrant. Including me.
  59. Soleil Moon Frye: Christmas movies allow us to escape into a world of gingerbread and love. Who doesn’t want that?
  60. Angela Bassett: A Type 2 diabetes diagnosis can overwhelm you. But with the right information, you can go on.
  61. DJ Spinderella: I didn’t go to couples’ therapy to repair my relationship. I went so it wouldn’t ever break.
  62. Robert L. Johnson: Reparations for slavery are the only way to fix America’s racial wealth disparities
  63. Tommy Oliver: Philadelphia didn’t learn from what happened to MOVE. We must not repeat that history.
  64. Roger Lextrait: I agreed to live alone on the Palmyra Atoll for one year. Here’s why and how I stayed for eight.
  65. Rep. Jimmy Gomez: Marjorie Taylor Greene’s loss of committee seats is a good first step. But she deserves expulsion.